Your inventory is the single most important advertising component in your arsenal, is your inventory under control? – Are you confident that your data is correct, your feeds and exports are correct, your website is updated, and all of your third-party vendors have the most update to date and accurate data?

  1. Delays – The time from On-The-Lot to On-The-Web can sometimes be delayed by days depending on a variety of factors including how often a vendor pulls your feed.   Increasing the frequency of exports and pulls can dramatically decrease the delay between the time a vehicle arrives on your lot and when it appears on a third party website.
  2. Information loss – Some of your exports may be pulling MSRP price, some sale price, some retail price. Others may be pulling and/or displaying your vehicle descriptions and options incorrectly. This makes your marketing efforts in-cohesive.  Learn how Lucit Hover can help
  3. Missing Photos– Are you wasting valuable consumer eyeballs on a stock number that has no photo and no placeholder? Evidence shows that a user skips 85% of listings without photos. Adding a placeholder or even setting a rule to not include a stock number in the feed until it has an image of some kind can help increase your inventory views. 
  4. Incorrect Inventory Counts- Inventory counts can vary widely among 3rd party sites you are sending it to. Understandably, you would EXPECT that if you are paying for these exports of your entire catalog of inventory, that they would be properly pulling the data and that the numbers would be accurate across all of these providers. Not so. More than half of the time there is some sort of inventory discrepancy that yes, you are still paying for. A lot of times this goes unnoticed by both the 3rd party site and the automotive dealer.  Lucit Hover verifies that your export to a third party contains the expected number of vehicles.
  5. Branding- Use your first vehicle photo to brand your dealership. Not doing this on every single piece of your inventory is a wasted opportunity. You are already paying to send your vehicles to 3rd parties. Make sure it is all properly branded. There are ways to automate this and save tons of time! You can also set different rules for different photo overlays. For example, your used inventory may have something different than new. Or maybe its “Truck Month” and your trucks have a specific overlay. 

Get your inventory under control with Lucit Layout