Lucit, co-founded in 2019 by Gina Gordon and Eric Kubischta, is focused on developing software solutions that help power digital creatives in the Out of Home space including roadside digital billboards.

We launched in 2020, as the first application to connect automotive and real-estate inventory, to digital billboards, in real time. Clients are able to manage their advertisements, automatically generated based on their current inventory, through an app on their phone. Capabilities include creation of new ads, deletion of inventory items not wished to advertise, control of ad frequency, review of stats, and more.

Meet The Team



Gina Gordon


Gina’s creative strategies have helped build branding campaigns in automotive, real estate, healthcare, energy, and recruitment. Formerly the Director of Sales for a large online marketplace, she worked with corporations large and small throughout the upper midwest and Canada. She brings with her an in-depth knowledge of back-end inventory systems in various industries from her previous role.



Eric Kubischta


Eric architected custom data feed integration tools and software that managed assets and built AI solutions for end users. He is a former global account manager for Microsoft business in Asia and the Americas with Sykes Enterprises, and the former Technology Director of a large online marketplace.




Jamie Thrasher

Operations Manager

Jamie received her Master’s Degree in Accounting shortly before joining Lucit, and is in the process of becoming a certified public accountant. She brings years of experience in bookkeeping, payroll, customer service, data analysis, and technological support to the team.



Toby Lund

Account Manager

Toby is a North Dakota native with years of experience in inventory marketing for various industries including automotive, real estate, and agriculture. His background is in sales and customer relations. He is a self-motivated, personable, excellent resource for our clients.




Paul Stevenson

Systems Engineer

Paul has 15 years of experience in systems administration, software development and DevOps. He is responsible for managing our back-end infrastructure, middleware, tools, and various software development projects within the Lucit ecosystem.


Eddy Franco

Software Engineer

Versatile IT expert with over 7 years of experience executing projects and bringing them to life. Always experimenting with the latest technology has to offer. Using this Eddy brings a wide range of skills to Lucit as we work towards bringing the future of out of home to the next level!


Daisy Codeny

Developer Support Specialist
Daisy is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She has always held a passion for technology, and is constantly striving to learn more. With years of experience in customer service; she is ready to help the team while providing the best experience possible for our clients.


Grace Acheson

Graphic Designer
Grace graduated with a degree in Media Production Communication. Her experience and passion lies in graphic design, brand development, photography, and video production. She is currently working towards a M.B.A. and Philosophy dual degree at University of Mary.


Samantha King

Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer
Samantha has a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in psychology. She is fascinated by the way our brains work and loves connecting that to her work in design. She is particularly interested in the brand development and UX/UI sides of design.