Stay Relevant

It can be difficult keeping content relevant in today’s world where new things are trending everyday. Use Lucit’s post feature to keep up with the trends or time-sensitive events like holidays. Then use Lucit’s creative scheduler to set your time-sensitive creatives for any day(s) that you want them to run.

Guarantee Every Renewal

  Below are some ways that you can guarantee every renewal. Make them feel like their advertising spend with you is working. Unfortunately, out-of-home campaigns can be very out of sight out of mind when the screens aren’t part of the advertiser’s daily route. The solution to this is real-time stats reminding them that their campaign…


Get Your Advertisers Engaging

  Use Lucit to get your advertisers engaging with their digital billboard campaigns; engagement means renewal. A customer with Lucit is a customer that is INVOLVED and ENGAGED with their advertising campaign. On average Lucit users login and interact with their Digital billboard campaigns multiple times per week. Giving advertisers control of their content is key. With Lucit, they…


Automatically generate help wanted creatives from Job postings for your advertisers

Lucit can automatically generate help wanted creatives from job postings for your advertisers. First step, find a local advertiser that’s always hiring; in today’s world, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Good candidates have various job positions available. Second step, set them up with Lucit to power their campaign. Lucit will connect to their website to…


Make your screens the talk of the town!

How do you find new money? Simple. You find new advertisers. How do you do that? You make your screens the talk of the town with a marketing campaign using the unsold space on your digitals. Choose your focus. Mother’s day. International Women’s Day. Father’s Day. Veteran’s Day. Valentine’s Day. Employee Appreciation Day. Military Spouse…


Securing Automotive Spend

Lucit can secure automotive spend on your screens. Focus on what the auto dealers want to hear, not what you want them to hear. Tell them how they’re be able to engage with their campaign on your screens. Auto dealers and anyone else who advertises in today’s world expects to be able to engage with their campaign,…


How to connect Lucit to Apparatix Campaigns

We have a new guide for Operators who use Apparatix with step by step instructions for connecting a Lucit Campaign to an Apparatix Campaign View the full guide here: Important Concepts The Apparatix system has a tight integration with the Lucit platform allowing you to schedule Lucit campaigns as easily as any other campaign that…