The following fields are required if sending us a list of digital assets to load into our system for Lucit. We will use this data to provide the correct creative size to the correct display.

Please note the required fields. All other fields are helpful, but not required.

We can also automatically inject this data into our system in 2 ways

  • (preferred) An API provided by your software that we can use to pull this data down
  • A spreadsheet or CSV file of location data (Download an Excel Template Here)

Table of Fields

Is RequiredFieldData TypeDescriptionExample
requiredlocation_idstringOperator internal ID from your systemBIS_ABC_NF.1
requirednamestringHuman readable, client facing name of the display1414 S 3rd St, N/F, Bismarck, ND
requiredwidthintpixel width of the display1856
requiredheightintpixel height of the display576
requiredslotsintnumber of slots in rotation8
requiredslot_lengthintLength of each slot in seconds8
requiredlatitudenumberLatitude of the display46.794722
requiredlongitudenumberLongitude of the display-100.7856
requiredvenue_typestringVenue type (as defined by OpenOOH Taxonomy – See Spec Here)outdoor.billboards.roadside
required for analyticsavg_daily_impressionsintAvg number of daily impressions for this display52456
required for analyticsdwell_timeintDwell time (also known as read time) is the amount or interval of time, usually measured in seconds for minutes, an audience member spends viewing the outdoor advertising display or billboard13
optionalwidth_feetnumberwidth in feet of the display48
optionalheight_feetnumberheight in feet of the display14
optionalhardware_providerstringName of the hardware providerDaktronics
optionalsoftware_providerstringName of the software providerApparatix
optionalfacing_degreesnumberDirection facing in degrees270
optionalfacing_cardinalstringCardinal direction facingW
optionalreadstringSide in relation to motoristRight
requiredcitystringCity locationBismarck
requiredregionstringState / Province 2 LetterND
requiredcountrystringCountry CodeUSA
optionaldescriptionstringAny other descriptive detailsAcross from Kirkwod Mall