As soon as a vehicle is on your lot and ready for sale, it should be on the web. Not only your own website, but any third-party websites that take your inventory.

This process can sometimes take days, but should take just hours. Lucit Layout helps to solve this issue by addressing the following areas

  • Feed and Export Processing Frequency – We run our feeds every 60 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that we automatically pick up any new inventory item within less than an hour from it hitting your CRM system or outbound data feed
  • Stock Photos and Placeholders – Some third-party websites will not show your inventory if it does not have a photo. Layout can automatically add placeholder “coming soon” images and if desired, stock photos to your vehicles as they are awaiting photos from your lot photographer

  • Descriptions – Some third-party websites will exclude inventory without descriptions – Layout can automatically add placeholder text to any vehicle without a description coming from your CRM System

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