Advertisers like to say “that sounds great, but it’s not in my budget this year.” Here’s how to respond when advertisers tell you there’s no room in the budget for OOH this year.

“I’ll work with you on a low budget campaign this year so we can get you started in OOH, and we can discuss how much room to leave in your budget for next year.”

This is a beneficial practice for you in a few ways.

  1. Everyone has petty cash in a drawer somewhere. Instead of selling slots, split one slot up into the appropriate amount of plays that slots provides and sell blocks of plays for more affordable prices. A $500 campaign for 6 months could lead to a higher spend next year when they are prepared to have OOH in the budget. Given the right price; they will say yes.
  2. Gets you in their budget. Once you are worked into their budget, OOH will be a discussion each year as a piece of their budget.
  3. Makes you their go-to rep. When either OOH account executives come to pitch them, they will turn them down as you are already their go-to rep that they have a relationship with.
  4. Gives them a taste of OOH, lets them see what it’s all about. Give them the right OOH experience and they will certainly increase their spend with you in the following year. Allow them to control their campaign with Lucit, and they will have a great OOH experience.