Important Concepts

Each Blip Sign will have a separate Blip Ad assigned to it for each advertiser, this is because our feed requires the Sign Id (or name) in order for Lucit to produce the correctly sized and formatted creative.

When creating ads for an advertiser, it is important to know ahead of time which signs you will be targeting.

The Lucit feed is setup as a Dynamic Ad with a placeholder background image on which our images are presented.

The Analytics are generated based on a special login that is created – See This Guide to creating your Blip Analytics login

Overview of Process

Lucit will provide you with all of the required codes / URL’s, etc. for each advertiser and sign

You will

  1. Create a new advertiser
  2. Create a new “Lucit” ad for the advertiser and for EACH SIGN you wish to schedule them on (if an advertiser is on 3 signs, there will be 3 ads created)
  3. Create a new Lucit ad group for each of the ads you created
  4. Schedule each of the ads on the signs in which they should run


The lucit feed is scheduled separately for EACH SIGN you have in your Blip player.

To schedule the Lucit feed for an Advertiser, you will need the following

  1. Background Image An appropriately sized blank background image
  2. An export id (or campaign id)
  3. The Lucit Feed Url
  4. The Lucit Feed XPATH
  5. A name for your Ad
  6. A name for your ad group

The above items will be provided to you IN the Lucit App – By clicking on the Campaign, and then clicking on the Player Integrations section

For the following examples, we will be using the following fictional names

Advertiser : BLP Motors
Sign Id : LDBLP-1
Export Id : lch-123xyz
Sign Size is 464×144 (464 Wide by 144 Tall)

The Blip Player

Login to the Blip Player interface and select the Account that you will be scheduling a Blip ad for.

Under Ads click “Create”

Type a name for this ad. We recommend the following format : Lucit : Advertiser Name : Sign Id so in the case of this example, the ad name is

Lucit : BLP Motors : LDBLP-1

Click on the “Size” section at the top – This will be different depending on the size you have selected

Under Background click on the GEAR icon

Enable the Dynamic selector

Click on the Dynamic tab


For “Url” copy and paste in the URL for this advertiser and sign – It will look something like the following******YOUR-TOKEN*********&location_id=LDBLP-1

Note that this url contains your export id (campaign id) of lch-123xyz as well as the location_id (your sign id) of LDBLP-1

For “XPath” copy and paste the following


Click the refresh to check the data fee

Your settings should now look like this

Click Ok

Once that is saved, you may ad this ad to a new Ad Group – This Ad Group must be specific to this feed and this sign

Click Create Group

Name the ad group in a similar form Ad Group : Lucit : BLP Motors : LDBLP-1

Pick your ads

Save your group!

Finally to schedule it, you will schedule this specific feed for the specific sign it belongs to