The Lucit API for 3rd party integrations will be going in to Beta release soon! – Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page to gain access to the Beta when it becomes available

What is the Lucit API

The Lucit API is a set of endpoints that allow 3rd party applications to interact with the Lucit platform in a programmatic way.

What features / endpoints will the Lucit API provide

The api provides endpoints in the following areas


  • Ping Lucit with real-time play information
  • Fetch real-time reporting and analytics about active campaigns
  • Fetch historical reporting on plays, impressions, etc. from campaigns
  • Fetch status information and recent plays and creatives on screens


  • Push new data for data driven creatives
  • Link back-end product inventory systems to Lucit
  • View the status of data sources


  • Publish new content to the Lucit Feed
  • Get reporting data on feed content such as views, reactions and comments


  • View creatives on campaigns
  • Publish new creatives to campaigns
  • Generate LucitXR images


  • View screen information
  • Add / update screen information (data, locations, name, etc)

What are the 3rd party use cases for the API

Here are various sample use cases of the Lucit API

  • Sign player software fetching and reporting on creative plays
  • Marketing analytics software fetching reporting data about campaigns
  • Operator software that keeps screen information in sync across the player and Lucit
  • Sign player heartbeat signaling for player and network health
  • Publish new creatives from 3rd party marketing software
  • Build creative design tools that work with campaign creative sizes

How to register for access

Complete the following form to register for access to the Beta API when it releases