This document is an overview of the process to setup a new Lucit campaign.

Purpose of this document

This document is meant to provide a step-by-step process on how to start a new Lucit campaign.


This document is intended for Out of Home operator teams.


As of the time of the writing of this document, all users of Lucit must be pre-generated by the Lucit team. Contact your Lucit Account Manager to create any required logins


  1. Operator team member downloads the Lucit mobile app from the appropriate app store, or accesses the desktop app via this link
  2. Operator team member registers for the app with their email and mobile phone number. Prior to Lucit launch with new outdoor companies, they will need to provide a list of all their sales representatives with their emails and phone numbers so that we may grant them access to the app. This is a one time occurrence. In the very near future, this step will be eliminated and sales representatives will be able to register for the app with an invitation link.
  3. Operator team members clicks the ‘Add Client’ button at the top of the homepage of the app.

4. In the Add New Account window, the Operator team member inputs the website link for the new client, industry type, and any comments that might be helpful.

5. Lucit Account Manager will reach out to Operator team member to acquire the following information:

Campaign Details (In the near future, Operator team members will enter these details directly in app) :

Campaign start date

Number of slots campaign will be running on

Creative Template (Creative does not have to be ready to get the rest of the process started, we will just need it for the campaign to start)

Client Contact Name / Phone / Email (We will reach out to the client to get the data feed side of things setup)

Once each of these requirements has been provided, the campaign will be setup and each of the appropriate users will be able to access the campaign in Lucit to make sure it’s ready to start on the set start date.

6. Once Lucit has completed Data Feed setup and received the Templates from the Operator, we will setup the campaign

7. If desired, we will hold a kick-off call with Operator and Client to demo the app and answer any questions

8. When the campaign is setup, Lucit Traffic Operations will provide Operator Traffic Team with the Lucit Campaign ID for this campaign

9. Once the campaign is running, the App will begin to display real-time statistics immediately