Lucit requires specific creative templates that our automated system will use to generate the final creative image that will appear on the digital boards.

The system will combined the template with photos and text from an inventory item to produce the final image. See a library of sample images here.

When providing us a creative template, you will need to provide the following 3 items

  • Template
  • Reference Image
  • Font(s)


  1. Template – The template image
    1. Export as a PNG
    2. Sized to appropriate billboard size (Actual pixel size provided by Account Exec, or, see example sizes below)
    3. No pure white background, (RGB 235, 235, 235 / #ebebeb) or darker is OK
    4. Area that will show photo must be TRANSPARENT
    5. Fonts / Text must be SINGLE COLOR fill and SINGLE COLOR stroke
  2. Reference – Reference image version of the creative containing actual data
    1. Export as PNG or JPG
    2. Export to correct size
    3. All assets should be flattened in the image (Photo, Title, Price, etc.)
  3. Fonts – The types of fonts used for the Title and Price (or any other text that will be generated)
    1. Font Family (If using uncommon font, please send us the font file)
    2. Larger Fonts are better
    3. NO script / cursive fonts
    4. Font Color Fill RGB Value(s)
    5. Font Color Stroke RGB Value(s)
    6. Design the area for title/price to fit the largest title you will provide
      1. Note that if a title does not fit, our system will automatically try to scale it down

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