Some frequently asked questions and a guide for various features of Lucit

How do I Install Lucit

Lucit can be used on your mobile phone or your desktop computer, just search for Lucit in the app store / play store or click here for installation instructions

How do I login

Your account exec has already created your login based on your mobile phone number (if not, please contact us for help) – For the FIRST time you login, click register in order to setup your account

How do I change the inventory that is running

To add / remove items from a campaign, you take the following steps in this video

How do I control the frequency / share of items

With frequency control you can increase or decrease the amount of plays any particular inventory item receives

How do I view creatives for a particular item

The creatives for each item are stored on the “Creatives” tab when viewing the inventory item

How do I view analytics

We calculate analytics in real-time by receiving incoming analytics data from the digital screens as your ads are running

How do I edit the title, price or main photo

We offer 3 in-app editing options for Title, Price and Main Photo

How to use PhotoStream to upload a photo

The PhotoStream feature allows the user to upload and caption a photo for their campaign