The Lucit billboard product connects with various types of digital display software systems.

Digital Billboard Software

Lucit Contract API has two integration levels for digital billboard player software.

Level 1 – Creatives Only

This level allows the operator to schedule a Lucit feed in the same manner as a JSON or XML/RSS type feed is loaded for third-party data.

We will provide the operator a link to an JSON or XML feed which contains an image specific to the digital display id that you are scheduling. Your system will continuously pull this feed to fetch the next image for display.

Level 2 – Creatives + Analytics

In addition to the features of Level 1, this option has the added benefit of instant ping-back statistics that notify the application and user, in real-time, the play statistics for each creative image and each board.

A level 2 provider will connect to our API to fetch the images and then issue special API calls back to our system for each play.

If your boards run on a different type of software, Lucit can work closely with your provider to develop either a Level 1 or a Level 2 integration that will allow your digital boards to receive creatives from Lucit. Providers can view the Lucit Contract Api spec for more information.