Lucit Connects to Client Inventory Management System

Lucit can connect to any inventory management system; primary industries that utilize Lucit include real estate, automotive, agriculture, and recreational.

We’ve worked with numerous data feed providers including FlexMLS, DealersLink, CDK Global, HomeNet, Dealer Specialities, Paragon, CarsForSale, PX Automotive, Navica MLS, VINSolutions, and Machine Finder, to name a few

No inventory management system? No problem. Lucit’s post feature is perfect for all other industries such as retail or healthcare

Lucit Connects to Your Player

Integration between your player software and Lucit is easy

We’ve previously integrated with Apparatix, Formetco, Scala, Dot2Dot, Blip, Daktronics and Watchfire. Using a different player? We can set up a technology meeting to get your player software added to our integration list

After initial integration, your traffic team only has to load one dynamic Lucit feed per client and Lucit will take care of the creatives. You will no longer have to worry about updating creatives for that client

Client Adds & Removes Inventory Instantly

Client adds inventory to promote by hitting the plus icon, and removes inventory by hitting the trash icon

Items added or removed from the inventory system will be automatically added or removed

Price, photo and any other changes will be automatically reflected

Lucit sends “SOLD” notifications to the client, informing them when an item has been removed from their billboard, keeping them engaged

Client Controls Frequency of Ads

Client can click the lines next to Inventory Items

Move the slider to control frequency of ads running

Example: A realtor may wish to run their million dollar home more often then an empty lot or an auto dealer may wish to run their newest inventory more often then their used inventory

Frequency defaults to all ads running equally, if not set otherwise.

Client Generates Creative with Just Photo & Caption

Clients can click +Post, choose a photo and a caption to insert in their dynamic template and post to digital billboards in real time

Advertisers who don’t have inventory management systems can use the post feature to take a photo of their inventory, caption it, and generate a new creative with the template

This feature is great for posting holidays/special occasions, open houses, sales, happy customers, hiring campaigns, etc.

Client Runs Dynamic Brand Recognition Creatives

No properties? No problem. Real estate brokerages can run dynamic brand recognition creatives

There will be one dynamic template that autofills with realtors’ headshot, phone number, etc.

Client Can Run Full Size Creatives

Client can click +Creative, choose the graphic, and hit Activate to upload full size creatives

This allows them to see overall campaign stats and control ad frequency all in one place

Clients Can Schedule Creatives

Clients can click the gear icon to schedule creatives to run on certain dates or for certain periods of time

Schedule a single day or multiple

Schedule a single date range or multiple

When a creative is scheduled for specific days, the gear icon will remain colored

Client Views Real Time Analytics

You no longer have to manually send clients statistics once a month, or upon request

App analytics show plays and impressions by period, creative, property, campaign, or by billboard

Realtors can show homeowners that their hired realtor advertised their home for sale on billboards 1,000 times in the last 30 days

Lucit Reaches Advertisers With Smaller Budgets

Lucit allows a number of advertisers to share a slot, making digital billboard advertising affordable on their end, and as easy to manage on your end as an individual client

Each advertiser will only be able to manage their own inventory from their app account

You will only have to load our dynamic feed that will take care of the creatives, and bill us rather than all individuals sharing the slot

Operators Love Lucit

Traffic team loads one dynamic Lucit feed at campaign start

They do not have to load every individual creative generated in the app

Lucit means there doesn’t need to be any correspondence between the client, sales executive and traffic team for creative changes ever

Clients can access their stats through the app, removing any need for sales executives to manually send stats to clients

Lucit can reach various budgets without complicating the billing process on your end