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With just 3 dealerships and 3 brokerages, Lucit can save your team 240 labor hours every year.

When looking at inventory based marketing in OOH, it comes down to creative time and traffic/loading time. Every new creative takes time away from account managers, graphic designers and your team that manages the loading of creatives into your player software.

Imagine a scenario where you have 3 Auto Dealer clients and 3 Real Estate Brokerages all running on a set of digital signs in 2 different ratios. If these clients average 1 new vehicle or property per week, and your team spends 25 minutes on each new creative – This adds up to over 240 hours of labor time spent per-year loading / unloading creatives for these clients.

With Lucit – You load our feed once, and all of these creative changes happen automatically.

No more clients asking account managers to switch out a vehicle or a house.

No more emailing back and forth of creatives.

No more traffic team loading a ton of last minute changes on a Friday afternoon.

Lucit handles it all.

See what happens when we run these numbers on larger numbers of screens and clients

Clients Using LucitAvg NEW Creatives per WeekDifferent Screen SizesTotal Hours per Year

As you can see, as the number of clients you have using Lucit software increases, your total labor savings on an annual basis grows considerably.

Talk to us today about how Lucit can help you save time and save money