Lucit’s capabilities are a new concept and the BEST way to sell a new concept is to show it rather than try to describe it.

Pitching an automotive dealership? Show them an automotive dealership in Lucit so they can see how they will be able to  promote their real-time vehicles, employees of the month, or share photos and names of happy customers.

Pitching a real estate brokerage? Show them a brokerage in Lucit so they can see how they will be able to promote their real-time listings, agent headshots, happy new homeowners, and how each agent will have control of only their own listings while the brokerage will have control of all the agents.

Not familiar with how to do things in Lucit? Review some of these videos before your pitch. Play around with the demo accounts like Emerald Auto and Real Estate Global so you know what you’re doing.

If they’re asking you questions you don’t know the answer to, that’s okay! Just give us a call. We are happy to answer questions.