What does Lucit do for digital billboards?

Our application:

  • Connects directly to the inventory systems of big-ticket customers (such as automotive dealers)
  • Pulls their inventory
  • Automatically generates the correct-sized digital billboard creative
  • Gives the client control over which inventory items will appear on the digital billboard
  • Automatically removes sold inventory and ensures item prices are up-to-date

What type of industries does Lucit work best in?

The primary target clients are automotive dealers, ag equipment dealers, boat, RV, real estate and any other big-ticket inventory customers that:

  • Maintain an active database of their inventory on-hand
  • Store photos of their inventory in their database
  • Can provide inventory feeds to third-party services

Can Lucit run different inventory items on different faces?

Lucit can perform simple actions, like “run these 3 items on this set of digital boards,” and can also perform much more complex setups, such as:

  • Run all of my used Audis on the 5 boards in this market
  • Run all of my new Toyotas on 3 boards in this market
  • Whenever a vehicle has a price drop, run that vehicle immediately on all boards
  • …Or, you design the rules, and Lucit can make it happen

How can I show a potential client the application?

You can login with your account at any time, and use the DF Motors account to show a client what the capabilities of the app are. You can perform any action on the DF Motors account as this is a demo account that is not running on real production digital boards.

I have a client interested in using Lucit, what are my next steps?

To bring on a new dealer client, we will need the following from you:

  • Dealership name and location(s)
  • Contact name/phone number/email
  • Details of the proposed billboard campaign (board ID’s, locations and time frame)

You can Fill Out this Form to onboard a new client

From there, LUCIT will:

  • Gather the details of their inventory system
  • Identify who will develop the creative template(s) for their inventory. See specs and examples.
  • Set up their accounts, logins and inventory feeds
  • Provide the billboard feed to the traffic team at your billboard company
  • Schedule a meeting with the client to review the app and its capabilities

How much does Lucit cost?

Lucit has a number of different pricing models depending on if your company is packaging the price in to the end-client, or, we are billing the client directly. Your account manager will have the detailed pricing information for you.

What digital billboard hardware/software can you integrate with?

We work with a number of different architectures, each of which provides varying capabilities. Please view our Lucit Integrations page for more details.