Lucit Connects to Your MLS

Lucit can connect to any MLS. We’ve worked with numerous providers including FlexMLS, HomeNet, Paragon, and Navica MLS, to name a few

Add & Remove Properties Instantly

Realtors can add properties they want to advertise by hitting the plus icon, and remove properties by hitting the trash icon

Properties added or removed from the MLS will be automatically added or removed

Price, photo and any other changes will be automatically reflected

Lucit sends “SOLD” notifications to the realtor, informing them when a property has been removed from their billboard, keeping them engaged

Control Frequency of Ads

Realtors can move the slider to control frequency of their properties running

Example: A realtor may wish to run their million dollar home more often then an empty lot

Frequency defaults to all ads running equally, if not set otherwise.

Post Ads to Billboards Just Like Social Media

Lucit’s post feature allows realtors to insert a photo and a caption into a template and post it to digital billboards in real time.

This feature is great for posting open houses, holidays/special occasions, new homeowners, etc.

Run Brand Recognition Creatives

Realtors can also run brand recognition creatives, for when they don’t have any properties to sell

There will be one dynamic template that autofills with realtors headshot, phone number, etc.

Use Analytics Available To You

Analytics show plays and impressions by period, creative, property, campaign, or by billboard

Realtors can show homeowners that their hired realtor advertised their home for sale on billboards 1,000 times in the last 30 days

Affordable Advertising with Lucit Slot Sharing

Lucit allows a number of realtors to share a slot, making digital billboard advertising affordable

Each realtor will only be able to manage their own properties from their app account

Brokers can manage and see all their realtors’ properties

Lucit can bill the brokerage or individual realtors

Let’s Get Started

Choose a creative template for your inventory, the post feature, and/or a brand recognition creative.

Let us know who your MLS provider is, and your primary contact there