Choose Ads To Promote

Choose ads to promote by hitting the plus icon, and remove ads by hitting the trash icon

Control Frequency of Ads

Click the lines next to Inventory Items

Move the slider to control frequency of ads running

Example: You may may wish to run new arrivals more often then old inventory

Frequency defaults to all ads running equally, if not set otherwise

Post Ads to Billboards Just Like Social Media

Click +Post, choose a photo and a caption to insert in your dynamic template and post to digital billboards in real time

Retailers who don’t have inventory management systems can use the post feature to take a photo of their inventory, caption it, and generate a new creative with the template

This feature is great for posting holidays/special occasions, sales, happy customers, hiring campaigns, etc.

Run Full Size Creatives

Click +Creative, choose the graphic, and hit Activate to upload full size creatives

This allows you to see overall campaign stats and control ad frequency all in one place

Schedule Creatives

Click the gear icon to schedule creatives to run on certain dates or for certain periods of time

Schedule a single day or multiple

Schedule a single date range or multiple

When a creative is scheduled for specific days, the gear icon will remain colored

Real Time Analytics

Analytics show plays and impressions by period, creative, inventory item, campaign, or by billboard